How to Order

When you're ready, place an order with the help of a Rainbow Mulch team member.  


No online order option? High-end surface material is an investment. Prices vary depending on quantity, packaging, and add-ons. Count on us to help you nail down the perfect combination so your order is exactly what you want. 

1: Request a quote. 

Send request by e-mail to, call/text (614) 395-2946, or send us a chat message! 

Include the info below: 

  • 1. cubic feet*
  • 2. mulch color + selected packaging
  • 3. desired lead time
  • 4. shipping address

*cubic feet (length x width x depth). If you are not sure what depth you'd like, we can make some suggestions. Please include the type of project (i.e. residential playground). 

selected packaging 

lead time

If the color is in stock, your order typically ships within 5-7 business days. Orders added to the production queue average a 3-6 week lead time.  Need it ASAP? Ask about our rush order options. 

2: Approve your quote, finalize order, lead time & delivery.

3: Pay by debit/credit/account or check.