How to Order

When you're ready, place an order with the help of a Rainbow Mulch team member.  


No online order option? High-end surface material is an investment. Prices vary depending on quantity, packaging, and add-ons. Count on us to help you nail down the perfect combination so your order is exactly what you want. 

1: Request a quote. 

Send request by e-mail to, call/text (614) 395-2946, or send us a chat message! 

Include the info below: 

  • 1. cubic feet
  • 2. mulch color + selected packaging
  • 3. desired lead time
  • 4. shipping address


cubic feet (length x width x depth) 

selected packaging 

lead time

If the color is in stock, your order typically ships within 5-7 business days. Orders added to the production queue average a three to six week lead time.  Need it ASAP? Ask about our rush order options. 

2: Approve your quote, finalize order, lead time & delivery.

3: Pay by debit/credit/account or check.