Why Tire Free?

Several studies have been conducted to understand recycled tire mulch in playgrounds and landscape. Currently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating children’s exposure to recycled tire rubber used in playgrounds, alongside the CDC and Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. Environmental and agricultural groups continue to explore its potential harmful effects.

Recycled rubber tire mulch is a popular surface choice for sport fields and playgrounds, yet there are headlines like, “US playgrounds: fears grow over health risk from rubber particles”. Several stories reveal concern about children inhaling toxics, tire mulch leaching on their hands and clothes, and parents fearing the unknown. Some have advocated to have recycled rubber tire mulch banned from schools.

Tires live a long life on the road, encountering roadway contaminants, metals, and more. A supplier’s cleaning process prepares the recycled tires for their next stage of life, but its past exposure is always unknown, and the mulch will never be 100% wire or contaminant free.

Rainbow Mulch is 100% made from scratch in Ohio. No part of the mixture is recycled. It is 100% is naturally derived, non-toxic, made with food-grade colorant, and FDA and Proposition 65 compliant.