Non toxic rubber mulch

Safest mulch for playgrounds

With over 200,000 playground injuries a year, fall protection is needed more than ever. Rainbow Mulch is the safest non toxic rubber mulch at 3" for 20 ft. fall.

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Clean, soft + spongy fun

Enjoyable play time is essential for children’s development. Choose a non toxic rubber surface that protects, feels great, and is interactive. Rainbow Mulch is 100% tire free

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Non toxic rubber mulch play space

Playground surfacing should never be an afterthought. It's just as important as the playground structure. Invest in a modern playground surface that performs & protects.

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why non toxic rubber mulch?

Rainbow Mulch is the leading non toxic rubber mulch surface for playgrounds. Most rubber surfaces are made from ground tire. Rainbow Mulch is the only 100 % tire free sponge rubber mulch. It is made in the USA, specifically for children's play. Parents, schools, and day cares have an important duty to protect their children, while encourage healthy play and development. There is no reason to purchase recycled tire rubber that's been contaminated. They choose Rainbow Mulch because because it outranks every surface in fall protection and it's designed to be an interactive toy - because at the end of the day, we are only young once, and we must make every moment count for these kiddos.

Virgin Rubber Mulch

backyard rubber mulch

Pet, plant + kid friendly.

Playground mulch for schools and daycares

Non toxic, 100% tire free

Why Rainbow Mulch?