Non toxic rubber mulch

Safety for playgrounds

With over 200,000 playground injuries a year, safe rubber mulch is a must. Of all the rubber mulch brands, Rainbow Mulch is a non-toxic  rubber designed for safety, with no recycled materials. It is ASTM tested at a  3" depth for 20 ft. fall.

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Made in USA for play

Enjoyable play time is essential for children’s development. Choose a non toxic, durable rubber surface that protects, feels great, and is interactive. Rainbow Mulch is a rubber mulch 100% free of tires. The materials to make Rainbow Mulch are selected for safety, durability, and Children’s use.

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Tire free rubber mulch

Choosing a rubber ground cover for a playground is imperative. Parents, daycares, and schools use non-toxic mulch made specifically for safety over rubber tire because the safety and quality of a surface are just as important, if not more important, than the play structure. 

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Materials from Nature

Rainbow Mulch is the leading non toxic rubber mulch surface for playgrounds. Tires are the most common rubber found in rubber mulch. Rainbow Mulch is the only safe rubber mulch 100% free of tire rubber and made with 0% recycled materials. Rainbow Mulch is rubber specifically designed for safety and play; the rubber is closed-cell sponge rubber, a superior rubber for ground cover and safety landings. Rainbow Mulch outranks every rubber surface in safety, fall protection, and hands-on play. Rubber from tires was designed for roadways, while Rainbow Mulch is rubber made of materials that meet the Children’s Safety Protection Act and California Proposition 65. Families, churches, schools, and daycares use Rainbow Mulch because it outranks every rubber surface in fall protection, and it’s the only non toxic surface where kids play in it as much as on it. We are only young once, so create a rubber playground that will be a blast!

Pet, plant + kid friendly.
Non toxic, 100% tire free

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