Does Rainbow Mulch smell rubbery?

Yes. Because Rainbow Mulch is made of mostly just raw rubber and earth, it does have a rubbery smell when first installed. The smell does fade away over time.

However, given the many other safety benefits of rubber mulch, the rubber scent might be a small price to pay.

Rainbow Mulch is completely non-toxic and derived of 100% natural ingredients: raw rubber, earth, zinc, baking soda, sulfur and fatty acid. There is absolutely no tires or wires, making it a much safer option that traditional tire mulch.

Our rubber mulch has also been tested for up to 12-foot drops. This means that if a child were to fall from a playground to the mulch surface, the mulch surface can help to reduce the risk of injury.

For gardens, pathways and landscaping, Rainbow Mulch doesn't retain water, meaning it doesn't get slippery.

Plus, our rubber mulch discourages bacterial, fungal, and insect growth, making Rainbow Mulch and even better option than traditional wood mulch.

So, the nose knows — 100% non-tire rubber mulch by Rainbow Mulch is the way to go.