How do I install rubber mulch?

Simple recommendations for installation: 

  1. Prepare the surface area. The most important task is to prepare the area where the rubber mulch will be installed to ensure safety and durability of the rubber mulch product. Smooth the surface area with a rake, removing any old mulch, debris, sticks or rocks. Ensure the surface is smooth and flat.

  2. Lay landscaping fabric. If you prefer, you can lay landscaping fabric down over the surface area where mulch will be applied. This acts as an extra barrier against weeds that could poke through the mulch over time. Use lawn staples to secure the fabric. Securing the fabric helps to prevent air pockets. When air pockets develop, weeds could develop, making the mulch surface unstable.

  3. Add mulch. Simply shovel the mulch onto the surface area, smoothing it out with a rake to create even layers as you go. Work to build up a minimum depth of at least 2" for landscaping, 3" for residential playgrounds, or 6" for commercial playgrounds (ATSM requirements). 6" is the thicket and safest choice when using rubber mulch as a playground surface.

Rainbow Mulch may make recommendations on application, however, Customer is solely responsible for evaluating, selecting, and applying the product to fit a particular purpose that is suitable and desired.