Why does sponger rubber mulch appear to be more expensive?

Sponge rubber mulch may appear to be more expensive than traditional rubber tire mulch or wood chip mulch, but the value is unmatched. 

Sponge rubber mulch (Rainbow Mulch) vs. wood chip mulch: 

  • Durability: Sponge rubber mulch does not decompose, rot or break down over time.
  • Long-lasting: Unlike traditional mulch, sponge rubber mulch will last season after season — typically several years. 
  • Mold, mildew and bug resistant: Sponge rubber mulch naturally repels mold, mildew, fungus, insects and other pests. 
  • Safety: Fall protection for Rainbow Mulch is 11 ft. critical fall height for 3 inch depth (un-compacted). Traditional wood mulch is typically 9 inches. 

Sponge rubber mulch vs. rubber tire mulch: 

  • Naturally-derived: Rainbow Mulch is made from raw rubber and earth, here in Ohio. Rubber tire mulch is from recycled tires. It can contain steel, nylon, additives, contamination from roadways, and wires.
  • No harsh smell or residue: Sponge rubber mulch has a faint rubber smell during installation. Rubber tire mulch, especially in the heat, can give off a strong tire odor. Playgrounds have reported rubber tire mulch rubbing off on children's' clothing. 
  • Soft landings: Sponge rubber mulch provides for soft landings. Rubber tire mulch, or even mulch made from tiles, can have hard, pointy edges. 
  • Superior Look. Rainbow Mulch is available in a variety of colors that range from soft to vibrant. It's even available in white. Rubber tire mulch can be dark and harsh. Sponge rubber mulch has a modern look for landscape and playgrounds.