Why does Rainbow Mulch appear to be more expensive?

Customers invest in Rainbow Mulch because it's designed specifically for performance, not a recycled afterthought. It contains zero recycled material.

Rainbow Mulch is the only virgin sponge rubber mulch on the market today, and manufactured in the U.S. with quality ingredients (no tire).

For parents, families, and schools, the fall protection on playgrounds is unmatched; Rainbow Mulch ASTM test is 3" uncompacted depth exceeding a 20 ft. critical fall height. This is compared to 6" recycled rubber and 9" wood mulch for a 10ft. critical fall height. Our customers stand behind their investment because they've found their kids spend as much time playing in the mulch as they do on the structure. 

Landscapers and homeowners don't have to re-mulch - it lasts several years. Unlike tire rubber mulch, it doesn't have that "tire odor" and it's completely kid, plant, and pet friendly. Our customers share that they get compliments from neighbors on the modern look, sometimes mistaking it for rock.