Will rubber mulch blow away in the wind?

No! In fact, this is one of the biggest benefits of using rubber mulch over a traditional softwood mulch.

Unlike traditional mulch, heavy rain or strong winds won't blow Rainbow Mulch away. When being created, our rubber mulch does not have a lot of air introduced in to it, meaning that the rubber chip stays fairly dense and heavier than traditional mulch or other rubber products, that are more buoyant because of the introduced air.

We do a have a few installation tips to help keep your mulch as secure as possible:

  • Create a border or boundary wall for the mulch using bricks, pavers or other options will help the mulch stay within a defined area.
  • Give your newly-laid mulch some time to settle in. Over time, the mulch will pack down a bit, making it even more wind-resistant, and creating a safe, springy surface.
  • We recommend building up six inches of depth for your mulch bed for maximum safety (when installed properly, Rainbow Mulch is tested for drops up to 12 ft) and to ensure durability that will last for years and years.