4 reasons tire-free rubber mulch colors are better

Nontoxic rubber mulch is an investment for a backyard play area or a daycare play space. Its purpose is safety, fall protection, and longevity. Families that invest in these performance aspects also want an aesthetically pleasing surface. A play area shouldn't be an eyesore but an enjoyment sanctuary. 

Tire-free, nontoxic rubber mulch, like Rainbow Mulch, is manufactured specifically for children's play. It's closed-cell sponge rubber for play and protection and contains zero recycled material. The colors are FDA-compliant and embedded within the rubber product matrix during manufacturing. Let's take a look at some of the reasons tire-free rubber mulch is best in look and color: 

1. White rubber mulch to vibrant colors. 

Some families have shared that most rubber mulch looks glossy and dark. That makes sense because the rubber from tire rubber mulch is black or gray, initially designed for roadways. The color is less vibrant when you paint something dark with a light color. Rainbow Mulch is different because the nontoxic rubber mulch is manufactured in the color the mulch is intended to be.

Natural Tones: Rainbow Mulch offers hues that seamlessly blend with natural landscapes, from earthy browns to grassy greens. White rubber mulch is a popular request. Rainbow Mulch has a natural version of white rubber mulch called Sandstone. Driftwood is a cool brown, and Natural Brown is a warm brown with reddish hues. Cool Black is classic and rustic. 
Vibrant Tones: For families desiring a bolder, more playful look, Rainbow Mulch offers a variety of blue rubber mulch colors: Harbor Blue, Deep Seaglass, and Pacific Teal. Popular colors of Spring 2024 include gold, green, and purple rubber mulch. 


2. No painted rubber = no rub-off. 

Rainbow Mulch has no rub-off because the color is an added ingredient during rubber manufacturing. Tire rubber mulch is shredded and then painted; that paint can eventually rub off on clothing or shoes. Kids must stay clean when playing on a rubber surface. Check out this video from Rainbow Mulch showing how the color does not rub off, even on the whitest shoes. 

3. Color that lasts without the use of harmful additives. 

Families order nontoxic rubber mulch for long-lasting fun and protection. Some rubber mulch companies offer a 12-year color guarantee, but not Rainbow Mulch. That doesn't mean the color doesn't last for 12 years or more. Testing Rainbow Mulch samples over eight to ten years shows that the color stays very well. Rainbow Mulch has no guarantee because the goal is for Rainbow Mulch to be 100% nontoxic; the ingredients have natural properties that help protect against UV and the elements, but everything naturally fades. And some natural fading is expected. 

4. "Confetti Style" customization for nontoxic rubber mulch. 

Families personalize their play areas by customizing their nontoxic rubber mulch colors. Rainbow mulch offers free samples, so families can mix and match different colors to make the perfect confetti mix. There are over 500 confetti combinations for rubber mulch! 

Families and daycares are choosing tire-free, nontoxic rubber mulch for its performance and appearance. Playgrounds should serve as a protective surface but not hinder the aesthetic of an outdoor play space. Explore tire-free, nontoxic mulch color options at rainbowmulch.com.