The only virgin sponge rubber mulch 

As a division of a children's toy manufacturer since 1945, Rainbow Mulch was born from the idea that a play surface can also be a toy. Rainbow Mulch is a rubber playground mulch surface that not only surpasses every other playground surface in fall protection, but kids insist on playing IN it, rather than on it. It is the only tire free rubber mulch surface made of virgin sponge rubber.
Rainbow Mulch is closed-cell sponge rubber; it has shock absorbing and high performing properties, perfectly designed for an interactive play material and protective surface. Rainbow Mulch is the best fall protection playground surface. It is ASTM tested at 3" depth for a 20 ft. critical fall height, which is unmatched to any other rubber surface on the market today.

Thousands of playgrounds have been transformed across the county and rubber playground mulch surfacing has been redefined. Parents and administrators that invest in Rainbow Mulch rave about their kids’ priceless reactions. They find peace of mind when creating a luxury, high-performing space that is clean, safe, and provides a space for limitless adventure.

How it's made 

The belief at Wells is quality ingredients mixed with decades of joy make for an amazing product. The legacy and joy live on, thanks to our customers. 

Rainbow Mulch is a division of Wells Manufacturing, LLC. For over 75 years, Wells has been making American-made children's products, including sponge rubber. Decades of tradition, coupled with a new vision, created the only interactive surface product made of sponge rubber, Rainbow Mulch.
Rainbow Mulch is manufactured in a traditional manufacturing plant by a team of experts in New Vienna, Ohio with raw, earthy materials. The ingredient mixture meets Child Safety Protection Standards is California Proposition 65 compliant. 

About the team 

Our team is dedicated to providing the best experience as your project comes alive.
 Lorrie Nichols, Operations discovered Rainbow Mulch several years ago, while running production at Wells Manufacturing. She has been with the company for over 32 years. Lorrie is the reason we are here and why families enjoy a clean, safe play space. She oversees all divisions of Wells and can describe each piece of machinery and product formula. Her hands pass through every quality sponge rubber mixture. She is inspired by her own children and family, and strives to produce great products to bring joy across the country. 
Megan Powell, Sales & Business Development  is the division's director of development, sales and marketing. Megan has over 15 years of experience in sales, community outreach, and business development with skills in many industries including, landscaping, private-label product manufacturing, higher education, and behavioral health. Megan Powell holds a Bachelor's degree from Capital University in Marketing and Leadership & Management. She serves as Public Relations Chair for a Central Ohio non-profit for addiction and mental health. 
Cameron Smith, Design & Marketing is the marketing specialist for Rainbow Mulch. She has a decade of experience in design, customer service, and project management. She is extremely talented at finding custom solutions for customers that have unique needs. Cameron holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Communications at Wheeling University. She played as a center defender for her collegiate soccer team.