What is Rainbow Mulch? 

Rainbow Mulch is tire-free rubber mulch made from virgin sponge rubber for indoor and outdoor play. 

What is "virgin" rubber?

Virgin rubber is rubber that has not been used or processed in any products or applications. Rainbow Mulch is manufactured for its intended purpose; playground mulch for interactive play, shock absorption, and fall protection.

How is it made?

Rainbow Mulch is made in our rubber mulch manufacturing plant, in Ohio. The sponge rubber has been manufactured for children's use since 1945. No part of the rubber mixture is post-consumer or recycled. Orders are made-to order and completely customizable.

Why tire-free rubber mulch?
Many of our customers come to us specifically because we don't use recycled materials or tire. They choose Rainbow Mulch because it is a playground surface that protects, performs, and is concern free. 

  • Parents concerns about recycled tire rubber mulch include "rub off", tire smell, wires, and road way contaminants. 
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission is investing children's exposure to recycled tire on playgrounds, alongside the CDC and Toxic Substance and Disease Registry.
  • Tires live a long life on the road - contaminants, metals, and more. Rubber mulch suppliers clean the tires prior to selling it as mulch, but past exposure is unknown and the mulch can never be 100% wire/contaminant free.

Rainbow Mulch Product Book