Play Rubble Machine Wash Instructions

Play Rubble can be fun and exciting, but with kiddos, anything can get messy! Play Rubble is closed-cell sponge rubber. It's the opposite of a "sponge"; it doesn't absorb water/hold moisture. Follow these instructions to wash Rainbow Mulch Play Rubble.

1.) Remove kraft "Play Rubble" tag from mesh bag. 

2.) Place Play Rubble pieces back in the washable mesh bag.

3.) Tightly tie bag strings into a bow. Make sure the bow is secure, so pieces don't fall out during wash. 

3.) Place the mesh bag in the washer with a large towel. 

4.) Set the washing machine to the lowest/most delicate setting. Add a small amount of a mild laundry detergent.

5.) Remove bag once cycle is complete. 

6.) Spread rubble on a clean surface to air dry. *Do not machine dry* 

7.) Play Rubble is ready to go!