Why Parents Invest in Playgrounds for P.L.A.Y.

Playgrounds are the perfect place for kids to develop physical, social, and cognitive attributes that will help them in the future. Kids need enrichment as they grow; a home playground can provide that. They solve problems, learn to share, and build confidence.

P. party on the playground

Playgrounds provide a safe space for kids to be themselves, have fun, and develop their bodies. All the jumping, running, and climbing kids participate in helps lower body index, improve general health, and increase muscle strength. Falls are bound to happen, so it's essential to consider a non-toxic playground surface, like Rainbow Mulch, with superior fall protection. After a long, energetic day, a rest is well deserved—for children and their parents.

L. learn to think on their feet

Playgrounds aren't just a place to help kids physically; they also encourage cognitive growth and positive mental health. Kids learn to share, make decisions, and self-regulate. Unstructured playground play allows kids to learn to deal with anger and frustration. Sensory items on playgrounds can help with self-regulation. For example, Rainbow Mulch is soft and spongy, which can help with calming and grounding. The playground can relieve stress, anxiety, and much more!

A. attack of sea ships - grab a friend

Freeze Tag, anyone? Or what about a sea battle? Playgrounds allow kids to bring their ideas to life, and their friends make it all the more fun! Kids taking turns on the slide or coming up with new playground games encourage communication, cooperation, and friendship. Colors can give kids an endless world of imagination. For example, Rainbow Mulch is an interactive play surface in various colors. Harbor Blue could be the vast sea or Grassy Green for the troops to storm.

Y. yippee, happy to be me

Playgrounds help children build confidence, patience, and independence. Kids learn courage and resilience by falling and getting up rather than calling for help. Rainbow Mulch protects falls so children learn while staying safe. The skills gained while on the playground may seem small, but they'll play a much more significant role in their future.

Parents invest in playgrounds because of the endless benefits for their kids. Playgrounds are imperative to a child's mental, physical, and social health. They build the foundation of traits a kid needs as they get older. All kids should enjoy a safe, interactive playground to learn and grow!